how much can life change for the better in 1 year?

a life-changing experiment in developing lifelong habits for a healthier and happier mind, body, and soul.

the 52 project

~$52,000 in debt, ~52 lbs overweight. A life-changing experiment in developing healthier habits.


stretch goal — 

Make $150,000 and 75 lbs lost 

building new habits, skills, mindsets to unlock my potential 


learning how to adult, the right way

August goal — getting started & coming clean

current stats

debt story / how i got here (accidental MBA & lots of fast food) / how I’m getting out / expectations & goals of the project

depressed & home alone = invested lots of money in my brain! 


blogging 1-2x per week – weekly recap/review of week & rotating post between interview & TBD content (personal post — happiest depression / 72,000 things I tried before blogging, X ways people are making money online TCG, new experiences) 

people who have transformed their lives for the better — gotten out of debt, lost a bunch of weight, overcome addiction, gotten over unimaginable grief, moved across the country, sold all their belongings, gotten out of a cult, quit a job they hated to follow their dreams 


daily record-keeping of food, spending, steps, goals (download tracking sheet) 

weekly recaps

monthly themes / more in-depth check ins & goal reviews

weekly interviews with influencers (fitness / finance)  

the game plan

Phase 1:

– freak out, avoid, deny, procrastinate 

Phase 2: 

– get honest — collect data, gain understanding, come clean with loved ones. 

– get started — create a plan and accountability 

Phase 3:

– Increase income

– Lower expenses


Phase 4: 

– Change life, prepare for future

– Build savings, retirement 


– Teach others the same


create healthy & lasting lifestyle and financial habits for a healthier mind, body, and soul



-meal planning / prepping


-life coach

monthly income goals

at start – $1,500 (~$5,00 before depression)

immediate goal – $5,000

ultimate goal – $12,500


monthly weight loss goals

~4.33 per month

help reach my goal! 

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printable party games

custom gifts


coaching / graphic design & photography projects

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Have you transformed your life?

I want to talk to you! 


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